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From laptops and gaming consoles to clothes and shoes, everything we by in this technological age, we do through the internet. With more and more companies shutting and locking their store’s doors for the last time and taking their flourishing businesses into the modern age with digitalised retail -the days of high street shopping are fast coming to a timely end.

While we now browse for our shopping from the comfort of our own homes, we are met with an abundance of different websites offering different prices for their products. Yet, in accordance with the nature of modern man, we still ask ourselves that one question, “Could this be cheaper?”. Well, my economically savvy friend, yes it can, and our very aim right now is to show you exactly where and exactly how you can save hard-earned money while shopping online.

Joodek is solely dedicated to saving you money as you make purchases over the internet. With hundreds of partnered companies, we can offer you the very best in savings from retail favourites like The Entertainer, Noon, Tajawal and Max – to name but a few. With such an eclectic array of partners, we are confident we can save you money when buying anything from clothing and electronics to days outs and even flights.

We all have friends or family that never seem to be short on money, always seem to get at least one holiday a year and seemingly never have to worry about making indulgent purchases such as takeaway meals for the family and nights out to the theatre or going on family days out. It’s a natural reaction to wonder how these people do it. What we mean is, a lot of the time it’s our very own co-workers, people on the same wages as us and with similar outgoings. Well, dear reader, now you know.

Every one of us likes to save money in life as it’s not always easy to come by. We work our fingers to the bone and live our lives in financial shackles (metaphorical, of course) so we can bring home the money to feed our families and buy special treats for birthdays and special occasions, so isn’t it fair that we should have a little extra money standing by to treat ourselves? Well, here at Joodek we think exactly that and make it our mission to bring a little financial freedom to each and every one of our users.

But Where’s the Catch?

A question we are forced to ask ourselves all to often as we browse the Worldwide Web and one we can happily and confidently answer for you right now: There isn’t one.

That’s right, there’s no hidden clauses or catches that entitle us to your very soul, your money or even your Aunty Abeer’s teapot collection. We just like to save people money, money they deserve.

Hmm, Sounds Interesting. Is it Hard to do Though?

You may think the catch is coming under the above sub-heading but fear ye not. As we have already said, there simply isn’t one and we are true to our word. In fact, adding one of our coupons couldn’t be easier and even my grandmother could do it, blindfolded, while receiving electric shocks (sorry about that, Grandma). All you need to do is visit our site, find a coupon for the site you are buying on and activate it at checkout. Saving money has never been easier and what’s more – our company is constantly growing meaning as time goes on we will be able to offer you savings on more and more purchases. It really is a win-win situation and one we are proud to be able to deliver to you.