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With substantial savings on a wide variety of stores and brands spanning right across the MENA region, Joodek has fast become the go-to place for many users when shopping online.

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With an ever-growing selection of some of the largest brands from around the world, Joodek has all the right savings for you...

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Our user-friendly interface was designed with simplicity in mind. Save with ease on your next online purchase.

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Here at Joodek, we strive to bring you the best available offers at all times. By updating our inventory often, we can always provide the most up to date saving possible.

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How Joodek work in three steps

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We're providing coupons in 4 countries, make sure to choose the right one.

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Pick an offer you like, with more than 22000 discounts we can get you the coupon you need.

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Enjoy your discount and make sure to return to Joodek everytime you decide to shop online.

What is Joodek?

Joodek is a platform dedicated to bringing its visitors substantial savings on local and international brands from over 500 top labels spanning the UAE, Egypt and Morocco. While we are only currently available in four countries, we are working hard and concentrating on reaching further territories in the future and are set to give this opportunity to the people of Bahrain, Tunisia and Jordon in the coming months.

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